HECO - Daten und Fakten

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HECO-Schrauben is a reliable partner for specialist dealers. The innovative family company places its focus on high-quality branded products.

HECO-Schrauben GmbH & Co. KG
Dr.-Kurt-Steim-Straße 28
78713 Schramberg
Phone: 07422 989 0
Fax: 07422 989 200
E-Mail: info@heco-schrauben.de
Website: www.heco-schrauben.de

HECO - Geschäftsführung

Managing Directors

Guido Hettich:
Managing Partner since 2006

Achim Carstanjen:
Managing Director 2019


Foundation of the company

The history of HECO has begun.

1967 The screw division was hived off from Franz Hettich KG and renamed Ludwig Hettich & Co. Maschinen & Schraubenfabrik.

HECO - Development

years experience

More than 50 of development and production of screws. The company’s established and expanding expertise continually ensures new innovations on the screw market.



  • Schramberg in the Black Forest 
    (Headquarter and Logistic centre)
  • Câmpia Turzii in Romania
0 m2

production area

HECO’s company premises comprise 20.000 m² and thus provide space equivalent to three football pitches for the development and production of innovative fastening products.

Schrauben im Jahr
0 billion

screws per year

Every year, around 1,5 billion screws leave our factory – reliable fastening solutions which contribute to the success of a wide range of projects in professional trade.


quality tests per year

With over 770.000 demanding quality tests each year, we set quality standards. We do not just subject the raw material and our products to the standard tests stipulated, but also develop testing methods which go beyond the legal requirements.



HECO sells fastening products to a total of 40 global markets with an emphasis on western Europe. Core markets in Europe are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and France. HECO collaborates with licensed partners in the USA.

Product range

  • Universal screws 
  • Wood-building screws 
  • Concrete screws 
  • Special screws
  • Accessories