HECO-TOPIX®-plus - Novelties 2022 HECO-TOPIX®-plus, even more options for the top performers.

Fewer changes, faster working.
We have further optimised our patented HECO-TOPIX®-plus system. Four new drives ensure that both joiners and carpenters now only need two bits to perform their work with screws! New in the range are the HD-30 for a diameter of 5 mm and the HD-25 for diameters from 4.5 – 6 mm. For you, this means fewer bit changes and faster work! And all with the proven HECO-TOPIX®-plus advantages GripFit®, PerfectPitch® and MagicClose®.

More choice, more possibilities.
Two products that make our range even more versatile – and you even better: HECO-TOPIX®-plus TimberConstructionScrew / HD-30 5.0 mm diameter and HECO-TOPIX®-plus fittings screw 3.5 mm diameter.



HECO-TOPIX-plus TCS HD-30 5.0 mm diameter

  • Countersunk head 60° with cutting ribs for wood connections
  • Drive: HD-30 (~ HT-plus 6.0 mm diameter)
  • High power transmission, even in the most difficult conditions
  • Available with partial thread and variable full thread
  • Antifriction-coated for minimal driving torques
  • Chromium (VI)-free coating
  • Approved and monitored product, CE mark
  • Not suitable for mounting of fittings
HECO-TOPIX®-plus fittings screw

HECO-TOPIX®-plus fittings screw 3.5 mm diameter

  • Screw diameter 6.9 mm ideal for fitting screw connections
  • Drive: T-15 and PZD-2
  • Countersunk head with milling pockets – no damage to the fitting
  • HECO-TOPIX®-plus fully threaded without MagicClose®
  • Antifriction-coated for minimal insertion torques
  • Chromium (VI)-free coating
  • Approved and monitored product, CE mark

European Technical Assessment

HECO-TOPIX®-plus, HECO-TOPIX®-plus-T and HECO-TOPIX®-plus-CC screws
Screws for use in timber constructions

The advantages at a glance



  • Patented full thread pulls  timber fixtures together without gaps and without pretension
  • The screw is quicker at the front than at the back
  • The fixture is drawn on to the substructure



  • HECO-Drive for single-handed  operation
  • Holds stainless steel screws securely on the bit too
  • T-Drive-compatibel
  • Perfect fit
  • The geometry of the HD bit is conical.
    This mechanically “glues” the bit to the screw.



  • Thread pitch optimal for every screw length
  • Perfect perfor-mance for all wood applications
  • A lower pitch prevents overtightening with short screws
  • A high pitch means that long screws can be driven in quickly
  • With part-threaded screws, the shank ribs above the thread expand the insertion hole


Application examples:

Fewer changes, faster working. Diameters from 3.5 mm to 6 mm for carpenters, diameters from 4.5 to 10 mm for joiners.



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