HECO-TOPIX®-plus CombiConnect - The pulling power screw for high loads High-tensile fastener for structural timber connections

The HECO-TOPIX®-plus CC opens up a whole new world for screw connections within modern methods of timber construction. HECO-TOPIX®-plus CombiConnect was developed as a timber fastener for the transmission of high tensile and compressive forces in structural timber construction applications, which features two major advantages:

  • The screw is composed of two threads with different pitches, which have the effect of pulling the two components together.
  • The combination of HECO-TOPIX® point and cheese head design facilitates extremely tight spacing without splitting the wood

The HECO-TOPIX®-plus CC can be used both purely as a fastener in new builds and also for strengthening existing timber constructions.



HECO-TOPIX-plus CombiConnect

  • Cylindric head
  • Tip with milling ribs
  • T-Drive
  • Two threads with different thread pitches
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel
  • Bright zinc plated
  • Diameters [mm]: 6,5 and 8,5
  • Lengths [mm]: 100-400

European Technical Assessment

HECO-TOPIX®-plus, HECO-TOPIX®-plus-T and HECO-TOPIX®-plus-CC screws
Screws for use in timber constructions

The advantages at a glance


Product advantages

  • High tensile and compressive forces transmitted via the CC thread
  • The HECO-TOPIX tip ensures easy insertion without splitting
  • The cheese head design facilitates countersinking without splitting, even with tight spacing, and permits concealed installation
  • Approved and monitored product
  • CE according to ETA-19/0553



  • Draws the elements together while being inserted
  • Universal application possibilities in new builds and in renovations
  • Quick insertion thanks to optimised thread pitches
  • Calculation certificates via the HECO Calculation software HCS


Application examples:

Transverse butt joints
Transverse butt joints
Reinforced beam
Reinforced beam
Reinforcement of cross sectional weak points
Reinforcement of cross sectional weak points
Rafter-purlin joints
Rafter-purlin joints
Transmission of considerable compressive forces
Transmission of considerable compressive forces