HECO-TOPIX®-plus - The screw with a technological advantage HECO-TOPIX®-plus, makes the best even better

HECO-TOPIX®-plus is a real screw highlight, combining concentrated technological expertise and wide range of tangible user benefits in a single wood screw. The secret: Our HECO-TOPIX®-plus combines the best properties of four HECO ranges!

With the innovative properties of the HECO-Drive, GripFit, MagicClose and PerfectPitch, a new, integrated drive size concept and high-quality system accessory, HECO-TOPIX®-plus is the perfect wood screw for practically all applications. You benefit not only from the impressive technological advantage, but also above all from simple handling and optimum performance.




  • Countersunk head with milling ribs/milling grooves, raised countersunk head with milling ribs/milling grooves, flange head
  • Shank ribs
  • Tip with milling ribs
  • HECO-Drive, T-Drive, Pozi-Drive
  • Part- and full threaded
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel
  • Bright zinc plated or yellow zinc plated
  • Diameters [mm]: 2,5 – 10,0
  • Lengths [mm]: 10 – 600

European Technical Assessment

HECO-TOPIX®-plus, HECO-TOPIX®-plus-T and HECO-TOPIX®-plus-CC screws
Screws for use in timber constructions

The advantages at a glance



  • Patented full thread pulls  timber fixtures together without gaps and without pretension
  • The screw is quicker at the front than at the back
  • The fixture is drawn on to the substructure



  • HECO-Drive for single-handed  operation
  • Holds stainless steel screws securely on the bit too
  • T-Drive-compatibel
  • Perfect fit
  • The geometry of the HD bit is conical.
    This mechanically “glues” the bit to the screw.



  • Thread pitch optimal for every screw length
  • Perfect perfor-mance for all wood applications
  • A lower pitch prevents overtightening with short screws
  • A high pitch means that long screws can be driven in quickly
  • With part-threaded screws, the shank ribs above the thread expand the insertion hole


Application examples:

Façade assembly
Carcass assembly
Floorboard assembly
Mounting of installation level
On-rafter insulation
Connection of main and auxiliary beams
Rafter fastening
OSB panelling
Fastening of metal fittings



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