HECO-UFIX® MDF screw The ideal screw for MDF and HDF

HECO-UFIX® MDF screw – The screw with drilling Point and cutting ribs for all kinds of screw connections.

MDF is very often used to make furniture, models and moulds and in the construction of kitchen cabinets. An MDF board consists of wood fibres, which are moulded into a mat and then pressed to make a board. If a conventional screw is screwed into the end, the board will split and be unusable. HECO developed the HECO-UFIX® MDF screw for perfect results with this material.

The specially shaped MDF drilling point with cutting ribs centres the screw as soon as it is positioned and clears out a lot of material during driving. This prevents the MDF board from splitting. Nor do bulges appear in the surface when screws are screwed into the end of the board. The HECO-plus toothing at the leading end "saws" one turn into the wall of this "hole". The precisely matching diameter of the "hole" and screw thread provide maximum hold as well as maximum safety against splitting. The HECO-plus toothing also reduces the driving torque.

For those who work with MDF/HDF, the HECO-UFIX® is an essential fastener. Don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself!




  • Countersunk head with milling grooves
  • HECO-Drive, HD-20
  • MDF drilling tip, with cutting ribs and serrated thread
  • Part threaded
  • Carbon steel, bright zinc plated
  • Diameters [mm]: 3,5/4,0/4,5
  • Lengths [mm]: 40/45/50/60

The advantages at a glance


Countersunk head with milling grooves

  • Fitting-to-wood and wood-to-wood connections possible
  • Excellent cutting features in wood and accuracy of fit in 90° countersinkings
  • No damage to metalsurfaces of fittings
Countersunk head with milling grooves



  • Stick-fit effect, one-handed operation possible
  • No bit-wobble
  • Optimum screw guidance
  • Only one bit size
  • Coordinated system, bit and drive
HECO-UFIX Stick fit Effekt


Drilling point with cutting ribs

  • Wood predrilling up to the diameter of the screw body
  • Centring of point; fast drill performance
  • Enlargement of the drill hole, which reduces MDF splitting
  • No bulging
  • Serrated thread reduced the driving torque
HECO-UFIX Drilling point with cutting ribs


Application areas:

  • Furniture making
  • Model and mould making
  • Construction of trade fair stands
  • Shop outfitting
  • Interiors

Application examples:

Installation of fittings on ends of boards
Installation of fittings on ends of boards
Butt carcass connections
Butt carcass connections
Fastening of wheels212312
Fastening of wheelsasdfa



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