HECO®-WR – More power in structural timberwork Efficient and reliable for high-performance joints and reinforcements in structural timberwork.

Structural timber elements are joined with the HECO®-WR (Wood Reinforcement) special fastener in a single operation, without pre-drilling. Applications which have been impossible to date can also be implemented with the HECO®-WR system. This enables a variety of familiar fasteners to be replaced. Besides simplifying material management, this also results in inventory savings.



  • Countersunk head
  • T-Drive
  • Full threaded with half tip
  • Carbon steel
  • Durocoat 
  • Diameter [mm]: 13,0
  • Lengths [mm]: 400-1000

The advantages at a glance


Product advantages

  • lengths up to 1000 mm
  • high corrosion resistance (Durocoat)
  • CE according to ETA-12/0062



  • very high performance
  • insertion parallel with the grain also possible
  • no decline of load bearing capacity from 90° to 45° relative to the grain
  • installation without pre-drilling
  • low splitting tendency = small edge and intervening spacing
  • reductions in time and cost
  • wide range of application


Application examples:

Lateral compression reinforcements
Bearing/Support reinforcements
Steel plates in general
Double-pitch roofs
Main/secondary beams
Frame corners