MULTI-MONTI® - Der Schraubanker ohne Dübel

MULTI-MONTI®-plus - The screw anchor without a plug The innovative fastening system for concrete and masonry.

The approved installation system MULTI-MONTI-plus is based on a new application principle in anchoring technology. The screw anchor is driven in without a plug.

Advantage: Huge time savings during installation.

The technical advantages speak for themselves. Low driving torque, connection free of expansion pressure and approval for cracked and uncracked concrete are the key features of this screw anchor.


The MULTI-MONTI-plus anchor gives you a positive locking connection that is free of expansion pressure – in half the time.

MULTI-MONTI-plus lets you work close to edges, no torque wrench is required and the screw anchor can be re-used. You will find application examples of the MULTI-MONTI-plus screw anchor not only in the Reichstag in Berlin or Magdeburg's lake stage, but also in the housing sector, for installing balcony railings or fixing fences.


For outdoors: MULTI-MONTI-plus in stainless steel

For outdoor applications or where anchors are exposed to atmospheric influences, MULTI-MONTI-plus is also available in A4 and A5 stainless steel.

These days, it's also hard to imagine the tunnel building sector without the MULTI-MONTI-plus screw in 1.4529 grade stainless steel. The screw anchor has been used in many projects, including the building of the 4th Elbe tunnel tube in Hamburg or the Herrentunnel in Lübeck.


Innovation prize for screw anchor

The innovative screw anchor has not just won over HECO customers at home and abroad, it has also impressed the state government of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Minister of Economy, Walter Döring, awarded the MULTI-MONTI screw anchor the state innovation prize.


MULTI-MONTI®-plus stainless steel

Available head versions

  • Hexagon head
  • Countersunk head
  • Pan head

Other characteristics

  • Hexagon head, T-Drive
  • Stainless steel A4 
  • Optimised concrete thread
  • Phosphated functional tip

Suitable materials

The screw anchor is approved for installation in cracked and uncracked concrete. It is also suitable for a whole range of other building materials, such as:

  • Clinker
  • Natural stone (e.g. marble)
  • Sand-lime brick
  • Hollow concrete block
  • Solid brick

The advantages at a glance


Product advantages

  • Self-tapping screw anchor
  • No plug necessary
  • No time wasting, the anchor will bear loads immediatley
  • Can be removed completely
  • Approved and monitored product for cracked and non-cracked concrete
  • CE according to ETA-15/0784



  • Fast and easy mounting, up to 50% reduction in installation times
  • Through-hole installation is always possible
  • No torque control required
  • Easy power-tool handling possible
  • Safe handling, hidden fixation errors are not possible


Application examples:

Fixing of railing
Fixing of railing
Fixing of balconies
Fixing of railing
Fixing of seats

Assembly Instructions

MULTI-MONTI - Drill a hole
1. Drill a hole
2. Remove dust - MULTI-MONTI
2. Remove dust
3. Insert anchor - MULTI-MONTI
3. Insert anchor
4. Finished - MULTI-MONTI
4. Finished