MULTI-MONTI®-TimberConnect The perfect combination of screw anchor and wood screw

Up to now, screw anchors, expansion anchors, resin bolts or threaded rods have been used for securing wood components to concrete.

The MMS-TC from HECO® offers an alternative to these solutions. It consists of a MULTI-MONTI® concrete thread combined with a wood thread for fastening wood components. First drill a hole of the correct diameter, drive in the screw anchor with a electric screwdriver or drill, this allows the small head to be driven deep inside the timber. This means that just one length of screw anchor is required for all wood thicknesses. The load application in wood is verified by means of Eurocode 5.Here, the bend verification as per ETAG 001 Annex C, which is required when using conventional anchors, may be dispensed with for shear loads when using the MMS-TC.In addition to higher tensile loads, this also permits significantly higher transmissible shear loads, which moreover do not depend on the thickness of the component.

The certifications in according with approval Z-21.1-1879 for the MULTI-MONTI®-TC are based on the ETAG (concrete) and Eurocode 5 (wood connections).




  • T-Drive
  • 2 threads, concrete threads and wood threads
  • Hardened steel
  • Bright zinc plated
  • Lenghts [mm]: 100, 130, 160
  • Diameters [mm]: 7,5, 10, 12

The advantages at a glance


Product advantages

  • Small drill-hole diameter
  • All the advantages of the MULTI-MONTI® installation system:
    • No torque control
    • Small edge distances
    • No cure times
  • National technical approvals for connections to concrete Z-21.1-1879



  • Ideal for securing wood components on solid masonry and concrete
  • Transmission of high tensile and shear forces without any additional construction measures
  • The MMS-TC can be countersunk in the wood, so a single length covers a large number of wood thicknesses
  • Simple installation with the appropriate insertion tool
  • Insertion with electric screwdriver/drill


Application examples:

Securing wood components on solid masonry and concrete
Securing wood components on solid masonry and concrete

Assembly Instructions

MULTI-MONTI-TimberConnect - Step 2
1.Drill hole
MULTI-MONTI-TimberConnect - Step 3
2. Clean drill-hole
MULTI-MONTI-TimberConnect - Step 4
3. Screw in
MULTI-MONTI-TimberConnect - Step 5
4. Finished
MULTI-MONTI-TimberConnect - Step 1
Installing the MMS-TC to the correct screw-in depth is simple with the appropriate installation tool (see table opposite). The surface of the installation tool has a scale for the screw-in depth. A rubber ring allows the thickness of the component to be set on the tool. The correct screw-in depth is guaranteed.



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