Efficient planning with the HECO Calculation Software (HCS)

The Modules of the Calculation Software HECO®-HCS 4.0 enable cost saving design of your project and assist professional performance on the job at hand.

HECO offers designers, architects, civil engineers and craftsmen useful assistance with the professional new Version 4.0 calculation software HCS for free.

HECO offers essential design assistance with the calculation software HECO®-HCS 4.0. Constant additions and improvements enable users to calculate various fixations of anchors, banisters, on-rafter insulation and timber connections on a user friendly screen of daily work routine.

Once the data of the project has been entered the user receives a simple evaluation including a recommendation of screws (screw type, dimensions and required amount) and an indication of the most economic version regarding time and expenses.

The clear designed pages and printouts including 3D- graphics are valid as verifiable static design and basis of calculation for all customers, who desire to have their projects calculated reliable and sound.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Intuitive desktop
  • Fast and clear input of data
  • Display of the complete assortment
  • Conformity with up to date standards
  • Detailed result display
  • Evaluation is easy to understand
  • Storage function for calculations
  • Required amounts including reference to the article
  • Efficient planning of required material
  • Economic increase
  • Direct link to useful videos of applications on YouTube
  • Available in seven languages:
    • English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Swedish

Now available!
Calculation acc. to DIN EN 1992-4:2019-04 implemented in HCS 4.0

Single-user version as exe file (classic variant): This type of download is recommended for single-user computers. The version always contains an update when the software is updated.

MSI network package for administrators (network version): This version is intended for network administrators who automatically distribute the software in their company.


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